As with most new things, this blog is a reaction. Had I been proactive, I would have started this website 14 years ago.

A reaction to what? The things I see. The things I grow tired of seeing. As a reporter for a middling family-run newspaper in upstate New York, I am tasked with covering what my co-worker accurately dubbed “White Nonsense-ville.”

In White Nonsense-ville residents send anonymous mail to council persons questioning their Christianity. In White Nonsense-ville, town supervisors have only the interest and creativity to manage to sleep with their secretaries. In White Nonsense-ville egos are fragile and leaders are rude and petty.

Despite their wealth and privilege, the residents of White Nonsense-ville do not always treat each other well. A PhD does not a gracious person make.

It is against local behavior and accepted societal notions (holidays with family must be miserable) that this blog will react.

If no one reads the words, it’s fine. I’ll have gotten it off my chest, which will make me a better person, better able to deal with an increasingly unrecognizable society.

Occasionally, I will also react to beer, spirits and cocktails and the establishments from which they’re served because my employment history qualifies me to make such unsolicited judgements.

In the end I think it’s time to treat each other better.



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